Agnotti has been facilitating workshops in many capacities of the past ten years. She works alongside organizations, schools, and communities to create unique workshops for the needs of the participants. The following is a list of pedagogical tools that are the heart of her workshops however she uses her life experience and global outlook at the base.

theatre of the oppressedTheatre of the Oppressed (TO)
Developed in Brazil by August Boal, TO uses games to bring about dialogue around structures of power in societies. Workshops allow people to look at where the power lies and they are able to brainstorm what to do about the oppression. TO workshops are ideal for communities processing social justice or if they are facing difficulties in their communities or life.


Developed in California by Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter in Oakland California. InterPlay is improvisational movement, storytelling, and sound in order to bring full expression to the body and peace and communication in the community. InterPlay workshops are great for stress relief, communication development, and bring playfulness and laughter.

Creating original performances with participants around a topic using a variety of theatre techniques and practices. Subjects can range from the shared experience of the participants to a topic like happiness. Through improvisation the participants write, create and perform the script.


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